The best medium for painting is pastels. If you are a painter who is used to painting with wet mediums such as oil and acrylic then pastels will be ideal for you.

There are many pastel medium available in an art store.

Soft Pastels – The very popular medium in using pastels is the soft pastels. Most of the artist are fond of soft texture, and it is also used in various techniques. They are best for blending and ideal for painting big areas. Soft pastels should be handled and stored carefully as they are very delicate and will break easily. Also keep them very clean, wipe them with a piece of tissue often.

Pastel Crayons – Pastel Crayons are hard, they are cross between hard pastels and soft pastels. They are very durable for outdoor painting and can give perfect sharp lines. You get species of colors in them.

Water Soluble Pastels – These pastels are waxy and the consistency is quite different. They are used as a dry or wet medium. They are very helpful in covering large areas and transforming those in the colored wash.

Oil Pastels – Their consistency is very different as oil is used as a pigment. It will give you a highly rich tone. They tempt to be more sensitive to temperature. Use wrapper to cover your oil paints. Turpentine can be used if required.

Pastel Techniques – Blending and Dry Wash Technique

Blending – Pastels are different than the acrylic and the oil paint. Oil and Acrylic paint are mixed using a palette and pastels are mixed directly. Blending is one of the ways to mix pastels. In blending two or more than two colors are combined together by rubbing one another with the help of blending tools such as the kneaded eraser, brushes, tortilla and cotton swab.

Dry Wash Technique – It is an ideal technique to cover big areas such as landscape. Crush the pastel in the powdered form and with the help of soft brush apply it to the painting. You can create different effects, which will look natural and beautiful.

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