Watercolor Landscape Artists and Poets Share a Special Bond

Artists and poets are united in their love of nature. Nature sustains them, and creative individuals can never get enough. Watercolor artists depict a scene with a paintbrush loaded with color. The poet carefully selects words to evoke a picture in your mind’s eye. It’s for you to supply memories and associations that make the painting or poem a touchstone you simply must have.

When a painted summer landscape can capture the warmth and restfulness and grace of this season, and perhaps even the rumble of distant thunder, then it begins to approach that tenuous edge of reality where poetry resides. When the voices of other summers whisper through a canvas to the viewer, it has hit the mark”. Elizabeth Mowry

A poetic landscape will draw you in until “you hear the voices of other summers whisper through the canvas,” as Elizabeth Mowry states. Many times you encounter a “quiet space” within a painting – just enough spaciousness to intuit the artist’s true intention. It might also be compared to a “still point” of inner balance while meditating.

The sensed stillness in a picture speaks volumes within the painting and about the artist. Colors used by the artist may be warm and inviting, for example, depicting the light of a summer morning, with mist rising and the pine trees still… not even a tiny breeze. Looking at a painting such as this, you just know it’s going to be a hot, country day!

Artists and Poets Evoke Mood by Expressing Their Bliss

The artist uses color and brushstrokes to soothe your soul and inspire peacefulness each time you view the painting. Poets choose words that express their serenity and joy. Poetry and art paint with words and color in ways that defy logic yet deeply nourish the spirit.

The watercolor landscape artist loves to portray the woodlands, paths, meandering creeks mountains and farms. This is poetry for the artist’s soul. Painting nature as they see it, they become absorbed in their painting and forget of troubles and cares of the day.

Poets paint their pictures with the color of their words, the sweep of their expressions and re-creations of their inspiration.

Many times as I encounter scenes of the countryside, I’m reminded of my happy childhood in the country on a small farm. My paintings reflect lessons taught by my parents, who were deeply attuned to nature and the seasons. I have learned first-hand that inspiration can come from many things.

So if you are moved by nature, I warmly encourage you to create watercolors, poems or any other expressions of your joy, so that others can join that enchanted realm of inspiration where you find yourself.

Art Ezine Source by Ellene Breedlove Davis

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