#artforsale via Irish Art Mart⁠ – The Afflicted by ⁠ Pose for me⁠
“Original handmade clay sculptures.⁠
The Afflicted series, consists of seven pieces.⁠

The Afflicted is a sculpture series showcasing the struggles⁠
that impact people’s lives: cancer, abortion, and loneliness.⁠
The sculptures convey these struggles by retaining a continual distorted⁠
stance with a look of resignation on their faces.⁠
The pieces are made from cement, plaster, textured material wrapped around⁠
a wireframe that sits in a solid concrete base.⁠
The textured material is then covered in cement and plaster to soften areas and add structure.⁠
The faces of the sculptures are made from polymer clay.⁠

The overall sculptures are painted in a grey wash and the faces are painted in black acrylic.⁠
The black adds more to the overall expression on the faces of the sculptures.⁠
The sculptures vary in size; varying from 15 to 24 inches in height, to 4 to 6 inches in width⁠

*The sculptures can be sold separately for 50.00 or as a complete set for 250.00 “⁠
. ⁠
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